Tel :  Kendrick Rd  0118 920 7040

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Tel :  Craven Rd 0118 921 3160

Out-patient consultations for:


Urology, Spinal Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Gynaecology, Physiotherapy, ENT Surgery, Eye Surgery, Oncology, Medical Imaging, Antenatal Scanning, Hand Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, General Surgery, Medical Aesthetics, Speech Therapy and Ophthalmology.


Microdermabrasion Treatments


Laser Hair Removal


Botox Treatments


Dermal filler injections


Urinary flow assessment & post micturition bladder volume scan assessment


Urine analysis & Urine microscopy and culture


Blood tests (inclu PSA, U&Es, FBC, LFTs, Ca2+, B-HCG, LDH, alphaFP, CA125, etc)


Urine Cytology / NMP 22


24 hour urine collections for stone formers


Ultrasound Scanning by Consultant Uro-Radiologist


Flexible Cystoscopy & endoscopic stent removal


Trial Without Catheter, TWOC


Intermittent self catheterisation, ISC and other catheter related problems


Intravesical bladder Instillations (BCG, Mitomycin, iAluril, Cystistat)


Vascectomies & other local anaesthetic procedures


Targeted TRUS & prostatic biopsies (after multiparametric MRI scanning)


Intravescical Botox injections for Detrusor Overactivity


Urodynamic Bladder Studies


Emsella Chair


The Forbury Clinic currently offers the following specialist services .........

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Many of these tests / treatments can be performed on the same day as the initial consultation.

  O U R   F A C I L I T I E S